Lenti Legacy Scholarship Campaign for 2019 - 50th Year Alumni Weekend Summary Report

class of '69' thank you letter with summary of events


May 13, 2019


Fellow Classmates, 

The 50th class reunion committee wants to thank all those who were able to make it to our class reunion events. We are happy to report they were all well attended. It was great to see everyone and reminisce about our time at Mount Carmel.

There were over 75 classmates and spouses that attended the class mass, reception and alumni banquet. Father Bob Carroll was kind enough to say the mass. It was great to see everyone, especially those who came in from out of town. 

A shout out goes to John Keane for arranging the Hawthorne Racetrack event. We had over 55 class members, family and friends attend. It turned out to be a beautiful day and great fun at Hawthorne. 

Robin Purdy took the reins and had two Kentucky Derby pools for the day. There were several pool gamblers that were counting their winnings, only to have the apparent winner disqualified. 

Likewise, the committee wants to thank Frank Hamer for arranging the Odyssey Cruise event. Over 35 classmates, spouses and friends of Carmel attended the cruise. All who went on the cruise said it was a great time. The weather cooperated and the camaraderie and food were tremendous. 

We also want to thank Jim Civik, class of ’64, who graciously volunteered to be our official photographer for the weekend. Keep an eye out on the coachlenti.org website to view the pictures. See how many classmates you can name.


Finally, we want to thank Conor Hirsch, Alumni Director, and the rest of Dave Lenti’s Development Office staff for all their support. Without their help we could not have made the 50th Reunion Weekend such a great success. 

The committee put in a lot of work to put the 50th Reunion program together but our work is not done.


It is the committees hope that the class of ’69 will continue to support the future students of Mount Carmel through their donations to the Lenti Legacy Scholarship Fund.


This is our legacy to our alma mater!

Please give whatever you are able. We are hoping that each class member contributes a minimum of $100.00 between now and the end of the year. Giving more would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those who have already donated. We have already raised over $5,000.00

You can donate by going to the Mount Carmel High School website at:


Please be sure to select “other” under the Designation section. You must type in The Lenti Legacy Scholarship under the “other” designation section or your donation will not go to the scholarship fund.


Donation:                          $100       $300       $500       $1000       $2500       Other

Designation:                    Other 

                                                Lenti Legacy Scholarship

If you wish to donate by check please make your check payable to Mount Carmel High School.

You must include Lenti Legacy Scholarship on the memo line on your check. If you don’t your donation will not go to the scholarship fund. 

Mail your check to:

Mount Carmel High School

c/o Adrienne McArdle

Director of Annual Giving; Scholarship

6410 South Dante Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60637

Please contact Adrienne McArdle at 773-324-1020 Ext. 226 if you have any questions.