Lenti Legacy Scholarship Campaign for 2019 - 50th Year Alumni Weekend Summary Report

2019–2020 Scholarships

An evaluation committee reviewed more than 20 applicants for the Lenti Legacy Scholarship–and two incoming freshmen will receive partial scholarships for their four years at Mount Carmel.



Denny Furlong '23' -  Most Holy Redeemer Parish and School (Evergreen Park)

Denny follows brothers Brendan (2019) and Matt (2020) as a Man of Carmel.  All three brothers come from a long legacy of Carmel men, which includes their father, Dennis – a 1990 graduate of MCHS.  

“The goals as an 8th grader that I want to accomplish are my education, sports and myself as a person. Beginning as a freshman at Mount Carmel, I hope to continue to be a great student and get into a great college. To achieve this goal, I will work hard in the classroom and I will have to become a better studier. With listening, participating and studying in class I can achieve this goal. I plan to play football and baseball which will require lots of dedication, hard work and character. A goal for me is to be well rounded not only as a student but also being a well-rounded athlete. This will fulfill me as a teenager. As I grow, I plan to become a better role model, a better leader and make a difference in the lives of others. To accomplish these goals, I must encourage and push myself to do what is right for my family, friends, and team, even when it may not be the most popular or easiest thing to achieve.”

 Frank Hamer '69' presents the Lenti Legacy Scholarship to recipient Denny Furlong '23', his great nephew, at the Most Holy Redeemer Awards Banquet.    Checkout the Video - Click Here


Charley Toland '23' -  Arbor Park Middle School (Oak Forest)

Charley is the son of 1983 alumnus, Chuck Toland.  His interests extend far beyond the classroom and is a young man eager to continue to the Toland legacy.

“My major goal to accomplish in life is to become a person that my family and community can be proud of and to share my gifts, talents and education with my community. I hope to accomplish my goal through both my career and involvement in the community.

Throughout my school career so far, I have had many chances to see Mt. Carmel Alumni give to their communities through their jobs and volunteering. This is the path I would also like to take in my life. I would like to continue the work of the Mt. Carmel Alumni that have come before me and be part of the future work of the Mt. Carmel Alumni.”

Craig Ferguson '79', Director of Admissions & Enrollment at Mt. Carmel HS presents the Lenti Legacy Scholarship to recipient Charley Toland '23' at the Arbor Park Middle School Awards Banquet.    Checkout the Video - Click Here